ode to pizza (a return to dairy poem)

It’s been six long months since I said goodbye
To your ooey gooey coating, my darling pizza pie
Not only you my sweet, but all chocolate and cheese
No soy, cream and butter have brought me to my knees
But to get my boy well, I made a tough call
I put on a brave face, I gave up it all
It won’t be so bad, I thought with a wince
Oh who am I kidding, who’m I trying to convince?
At first there were tears, nearly every single day
How would I carry on? How would I find a way?
There could never be another, no bag of Daiya will do
No amount of coconut product could ever replace you
I thought of you daily, your warm drizzly centre
Your crust, tasty toppings, surely hell did I enter
I wanted to quit, oh I wanted to run
Back into your arms–this diet’s no fun
But I stuck it out, days turned into weeks
Weeks into months, yes count it, you freaks!
The day has finally come, I can’t believe it’s here
I get to hold you once again, I get to have you near.